International Conference on Innovations in Teaching and Learning
25-26 June 2018 Lahore, Pakistan

Live Stream

This conference is inviting papers on a variety of themes. Some of the main categories are:

  1. Innovations in Education
  2. Teacher Education
  3. Education for Peace and Sustainable Development
  4. Equity and Equality in Education
  5. Trends and Issues in Educational Assessment and Evaluation
  6. Educational Leadership: Governance and Policy
  7. Educational Quality: Perspective and Prospective
  8. Improving School Culture and Environment
  9. Diversity in Educational Opportunities and Related Issues
  10. E-Learning: How it is changing teaching learning landscape

Review Criteria
The submissions will be reviewed on the following criteria.

  1. Innovation
  2. Relevance and impact of the contributions to the area
  3. Soundness
  4. Appropriateness of methodology and design
  5. Clarity and presentation
  6. Recommendations

Guidelines for Abstract

  1. The title of the paper should be mentioned clearly
  2. The abstract should be from 150 to 250 words
  3. It should contain introduction, methodology, sample and major findings
  4. Three to five key words should be given at the end of the abstract
  5. The language should be clear, correct and formal


Pre-submission of abstracts is a strict requirement for all papers. All abstracts and papers have to be submitted electronically at email: Abstracts and full length papers must be in English and in MS Word and PDF format. Full-Length paper should be between 8 to 12 pages long. In order to view the formatting guidelines for submitting abstract/full-length paper, please Click Here. At least one of the authors must be a registered participant at the Conference, and attend the Conference.